Clear the Clutter, Get Unstuck,

& Live Your Most Fulfilling Life


You're a smart, professional woman. On the outside, it seems like you have it all together.

On the inside, you often feel stressed and overwhelmed. No...of course, you're not a hoarder, but somehow all this stuff has been accumulating over the years.

With little piles here and there or messes behind closed doors, it's impossible to feel completely at peace. There's this constant weight of unfinished business.'re not lazy, but you've started to question yourself...why does it feel like I don't have the time, energy, or motivation to finally get this done?

I can help

Most decluttering strategies being taught today simply don't yield results that last. Do 15 minutes a day. Tackle one room at a time. Fill up X number of trash bags. And on and on. 

These work in the short term, but the clutter slowly starts to creep back...every time, right? There is a MASSIVE difference between getting rid of some stuff versus BECOMING a person who can maintain a clutter-free home for the rest of your life.

Live Love Thanks is different

My method teaches clients how to declutter their home just once...WHILE becoming the person who knows how to live clutter-free forever...AND they see the fruits of this deep transformation in improved relationships, career, and health.

To check out the EXACT process I use to help my clients permanently eliminate clutter and end overwhelm, watch this free masterclass where I share all the details.

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What Clients are Saying

One less thing on my plate

My husband and I BOTH had read books on organization. After trying to do it ourselves, we still didn't make much progress. My career was only getting more demanding, and it was tough keeping up with the house, even after hiring help.  

I decided to work with Jenny to finally get it done and move on with the rest of my life, including more focus on my career and family. She reworked the way I think about every object in my life, literally every single one. What to keep and how to keep it. What to move on from. So grateful for the guided transformation.  

Now I spend more of the precious free time I have enjoying my family rather than constantly cleaning up. It's one less thing on my plate, and I can fully enjoy life.

--Travels for corporate job, involved mom, & community leader

I feel so good

My life was super busy with a growing business and two young children. I tried to declutter many times, read the books on organization, went to therapy, but I still couldn't figure out what I was missing.

Working with Jenny I finally was able to get through it all...and it didn't take as long as I would have expected. We got to the root causes of what was holding me back and keeping me cluttered. She taught me how to fish, so I feel confident to keep it up and I have!

I feel so good about my home now...and even about myself. Coming home, opening the door, and not feeling stressed is already rewarding enough, but I also experienced so many positive shifts that I lost weight and made positive changes in my relationships. I know my children are happier too, because mommy's happy. It was a fresh start that came just at the right time.

--Entrepreneur & single mom of two

Ready for my next phase of life

I had some pretty serious health challenges. Over time my home became a stressful mess. I just felt tired and ready for a change.

Jenny was the perfect person to help me move from overwhelmed, unable to sleep to hopeful and even excited about the future.

When I walk out now, I feel so confident…a new confidence and people have noticed. I'm ready for my next phase of my life.

--Single woman in her 60's

My personal sanity

With baby #3 on the way, we didn't even know where he would sleep or where we'd put his stuff. We already had a full house, and I was feeling stressed with the clock counting down.

I didn't know where to start. Jenny made decluttering and tidying so simple and straightforward. She helped me see my stuff in a new way. She helped me create space where I thought there was none.

I am so grateful there was just one less thing for me to worry about before baby boy's arrival. This has made such a difference, not only for my personal sanity, but also for my family. Thank you!!!

--Work-from-home mama